Online DocLink Advanced Admin Training
September 14-18, 2020 
Join us for our virtual Advanced Admin Training! Manage DocLink more efficiently and effectively with a deep, comprehensive understanding that will help you run your business and processes better. Our online 5-day training program will allow you to expand your knowledge beyond day-to-day functions. 

Monday, September 14
8:00am PDT - 12:00pm PDT (4 hour training)
DocLink Cloud Training Environment
DocLink Web
Scan Requirements
System Settings 
Stamps & Notes 

Tuesday, September  15
8:00am PDT - 2:00pm PDT (6 hour training)
Document Types and Properties 
DocLink Security
Smartform Toolkit

Wednesday, September 16
8:00am PDT - 12:00pm PDT (4 hour training)
Event Manager

Thursday, September  17

8:00am PDT - 12:00pm PDT (4 hour training) 
ERM Capture
Output Manager

Friday, September 18
8:00am PDT - 12:00pm PDT (4 hour training)
Auto Index & Retro Index
Import Manager
OCR Overview
DocLink Mobile
Barcode Manager
Non-refundable  $1000 including training materials 


Minimum System Requirements


How is this different from in-person training?
  • Low cost training option
  • No travel necessary 
  • Modified class schedule
  • Self-led exercises in DocLink Cloud 
  • Less system resource requirements
Please note: Altec reserves the right to cancel Advanced Administrator Training 30 days prior to the event. Payment is due within two weeks of training date. If you register within the two week start date, payment will be due upon registration.