Become a DocLink technical expert and expand your capabilities beyond the basics. Our AAT class will focus on learning methods for creating new processes, building new workflows and using DocLink enterprise-wide in every department, from accounting and sales to HR and legal. Hands-on lessons will cover Smart Form Toolkit, Template Manager, Data Manager, Auto/Retro Index, OCR, Import Manager, Maintenance & Troubleshooting, and more. We offer an intimate classroom setting to ensure you have direct interaction with Altec’s technical team, as well as networking opportunities so you can see and hear how your peers are using DocLink.

DATE: Monday, Sept 13 - Friday, Sept 17
COST:  $1,100 
LOCATION: Online via WebEx 

"Very well-planned and organized. Customer service was exemplary. I loved connecting with other participants, hearing how they used DocLink and learning from their experiences."

Why sign up for Online AAT?

  • CheckLow cost training option

  • CheckNo travel necessary

  • CheckHands-on exercises in DocLink Cloud

Minimum System Requirements

Headset and mic are highly recommended.

    • Sept13

      8AM PDT - 12PM PDT (4 hours)

                             DocLink Cloud Training Environment
                          DocLink Web Scan Requirements
                          System Settings
                          Stamps & Notes 

    • Sept14

      8AM PDT - 2PM PDT (6 hours)

                             Document Types and Properties
                          DocLink Security
                          Smartform Toolkit

    • Sept15

      8AM PDT - 12PM PDT (4 HOURS)

                          Event Manager

    • Sept16

      8AM PDT - 12PM PDT (4 HOURS)

                             ERM Capture
                          Output Manager

    • Sept17

      8AM PDT - 12PM PDT (4 HOURS)

                             Auto Index & Retro Index
                          DocLink Mobile
                          Import Manager
                          Barcode Manager
                          OCR Overview

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Meet our DocLink Training Experts

John Claiborne

Sr.  Software Engineer

Cathy Champlin

Support Manager

Caleb Castellaw

Customer Account Manager

Jessica Quintanilla

Director of Professional Services